Nanostructuring changes the internal
properties of metals at the scale that matters most

transforming conventional metals and alloys to become significantly stronger,
more ductile and resistant to corrosion, and more easily machined, formed, and coated.


Nanostructuring reduces the size of the millions of crystals within metals and changes the boundaries between each crystal.


The techniques can be applied to virtually any metal. There are thousands of applications for such super strong ultrafine grain metals.


At the end of the Soviet era, US scientists joined with Russian scientists to transform the original invention into an economical method for metal production.


The breakthroughs offered by nanostructuring can be understood by comparing the size of the building blocks of metals with living cells & the human body.

Nanostructured Metals in Sports

Light-weighting metals and simultaneously adding strength impacts sporting goods.

Reducing Manufacturing Costs

The benefits of nanostructured metals are not limited to just the superior metal properties.

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